The It Division

Avoid placing something on prime of the device or putting it in an overstuffed locker or guide bag. Hold down the ability button till the display screen goes black and stays off. Stickers is probably not placed on the trackpad, keyboard, digicam, or backside cowl and is probably not masking the device etchings. Stickers containing profanity, guns, violence, or drugs shall be reported to building administration and promptly removed. Do not go away the Chromebook in an unsecured location as this could result within the loss or theft of the device. Eating or ingesting over the device may cause injury if liquids or food get on the device, especially the keyboard.

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Instructional Techniques

Take your system to the Media Center and inform the Media Center Specialist/Aide what the difficulty is with the gadget. If the price of the damage exceeds $300, then a brand new gadget will be issued at the price of $300. Payment is due by September 25, 2020 for the plan to be in effect. The premium cost is $30 for the varsity 12 months, for this OPTIONAL protection, and the premium won’t be prorated. A. At this time, there’s not as all of the knowledge is stored in the cloud, there isn’t a want for antivirus software. Chromebooks are able to run Android apps starting in the summer/fall of 2016.

Workplace Of Information Administration

Drawing, writing, or etching on the gadget utilizing pencil, marker, paint, nail polish, or another implement will lead to a nice for cleansing; etching will end in a fine for the alternative of the damaged half. If the gadget is left on the floor, a chair, or sofa there could be important injury from stepping or sitting on the system. Keep liquids out of your backpack when the Chromebook is in it. If the gadget is inside your backpack please treat your backpack with care to avoid injury to the device. Keep all rubber, keys, serial numbers, and logos of the gadget intact. Too much stress could crack the screen or cause internal harm.

Students shall be required to take care of an updated password on their device. When transporting the device between lessons or exterior the constructing, you are required to close the lid. All repairs should be completed by the PLSD Technology Department. Attempting to restore the gadget or taking it elsewhere might result in intentional damage fines. Gently close the lid of the gadget and guarantee nothing, including pencils or other objects, are in between the keyboard and display. When carrying the Chromebook on high of your books please be careful the gadget doesn’t slide off. Place any three-ring-binders on high of the system to keep away from an uneven surface.