06 Sep
What Subjects Do You Need To Study To Become An Architect?

What Subjects Do You Need To Study To Become An Architect?

If you’re thinking of starting an architecture firm in Dubai, you’ll likely need several subjects. These include math, science, and drawing classes. You’ll also need to have a strong command of logic and problem-solving skills. For example, physics is essential for understanding the forces and tensions that hold buildings up. Architects need to constantly keep up with changes in the Earth’s climate and the materials they use to build. 

Drawing Classes:

Drawing classes for architecture are an excellent choice for students who want to become more proficient in the art of drawing. These courses allow students to explore and practice a wide range of techniques. Moreover, they also allow them to view the projects and drawings of other students and improve their skills. 


Students interested in architecture may find it helpful to take calculus subjects as prerequisites. Typically, architecture majors take two semesters of calculus in their first year of study. They also take an anatomy course and one semester of Structural Fundamentals. In addition, they may substitute physics for their second semester of calculus.


If you’re planning to major in architecture, you’ll want to take a physics course. These courses cover many of the same topics as a general physics course, but with an emphasis on topics relevant to architecture. These include topics such as forces and reactions, equilibrium, dynamics, vibration, and thermal properties of matter. These concepts form the basis for the design and construction of structures and can help you understand the physics behind their function and structure.

The focus of physics for architecture is to balance the forces that make up a structure. This includes material selection, thermal performance, and overall efficiency of the built space. It also includes topics such as effective ventilation. Each material has different intrinsic properties, and every one of them contributes to the forces acting on a structure.


If you are considering a career in architecture, you will likely need to have a good understanding of math. Architecture is an interdisciplinary field that involves designing and building structures. Architects use mathematics to create aesthetically pleasing buildings. This includes understanding the golden ratio and the concept of proportion.