27 Jun

6 Things to know about Clothing in the UAE

Millions of people each year visit Dubai and the UAE to buy beautiful traditional and modern dresses so they can wear them during their stay and be a part of their amazing culture too.

Whether you’re looking for an Eastern gown or a Jalabiya, Dubai has all the available options to cater to your traditional and modern needs so you can flaunt them in all the seasons.

Many people prefer buying modern or traditional clothes and other accessories from the UAE. However, only a few people know about the rich history behind these clothing items.

Therefore, if you’re buying a kurta for women or any other traditional dress, we have come up with a list of 6 things to know about clothing in the UAE to help you understand about their value and significance.

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  1. Style of dressing

Most of the people in the UAE follow a traditional style of dressing. Dubai includes a lot of tourists and expats therefore, the clothing style is lenient there but it’s all good as long as the skin is covered. That’s why following a restricted and similar style clothing is part of the Muslim and Arabic culture.

  1. Religious Occasions

The dresses are designed to fit the religious occasions and events. They are worn by both men and women in the UAE while attending different social gatherings and events.

  1. Local Hot Weather

People in the UAE prefer wearing loose-fitted clothes considering the local hot weather. These traditional clothing fulfill both the purposes of the people in the UAE as they are comfortable to wear in the hot weather and also suitable to fulfill their religious duties.

  1. Abaya

An abaya is an elegant cloak that is more or less like a gown. It usually is black in color and covers the whole body except some parts that include face, hands, and feet. They are traditionally worn by all the women in the UAE.

  1. Niqab

A niqab works like a facemask and protects the face and the neck area from the scorching rays of the sun. It is also worn by the women in the UAE.

  1. Kandura

The kandura is mostly worn by men. It is a loose-fitted robe that covers the ankle-length and usually comes in white color. It also comes in different colors and represents modesty and royalty.